Betto Lotti Biography

The young Betto Lotti dedicated himself to mastering his style, especially in charcoal drawing, oil painting and engravings at the Academy of Florence.
In the technical realization of the etchings, honed during the years of the Academy, Betto Lotti showed an untimely natural inclination. His first collective exhibitions received praise. He was awarded the Second Prize from the Ministry of Education in Florence in 1912.
Betto Lotti was drafted into the army and, in early 1915 sent to the front where he remained until he was wounded and imprisoned. In June 1917 he was interned in the concentration camp of Sigmundserberg in Austria.  After being repatriated in September 1918, Lotti returned to Florence with the intention to go back to work as soon as possible.
He was involved in a wide range of activities and mastered his skills in various forms of art, both in Italy and abroad. He started creating billboards for the French company Vercasson Paris. These images, in partiIn the last decade of his life, Lotti’s commitment as an artist and his participation in collective and solo exhibitions were very active. Betto Lotti died in Como on April 13, 1977, at the age of nearly 83 years.