D. Newsome

AGRA (Taj Mahal) India's Glory
24.75 x 40
Giclee on Canvas
$129.00 - $249.00
INV. #:
A fabulous recreation shows one of the greatest buildings ever created. The Taj Mahal as shown here is a image of Agra, India. Shown with water lillys in the fountains reflecting into to alabaster and marble and precious stones that were used to create this monument to living person. The cost of building the Taj Mahal was so huge that it was bankruptive to the country of India. The matching 'black' temple was never constructed. This image is printed either on fine archival paper or canvas.
Printed on acid free 230-250 gm paper and 100 + archival ink. Contact us if you require this image is a specific size or print on fine American art canvas.