Michelin Indian
31.75 x 47
129 - 329
INV. #:
Recreation of the Michelin bicycle tire that first rolled onto the scene in the late 19th Century, gaining immediate marketplace attention with the company's revelation of the practical uses for a pneumatic (inflatable) tire. Since then the Michelin name has whirled its way to preeminence, developing into one of the world's leading tire manufacturers. Offered here is an early 1900's advertising poster that was used to market the Michelin line of bicycle tires. Mounted within an attractive, 33" x 42" frame, this extremely colorful French ad-piece hails from the earliest days of automotive and bike tire engineering. The poster displays the detailed image of a fierce native of the Americas attempting to sink his barbaric teeth into a well-made Michelin tire. The French statement, "Ce MICHELIN est INDÉCHIRABLE" is printed along the top of the large advertisement with "PNEUS VELO MICHELIN" displayed at the bottom and as an imprint in the sidewall of the tire. (Respectively, the statements translate roughly to "Michelin is tear-proof" and "Michelin Bicycle Tires.") The artist's dated signature ("Fr. Aikin-'08") appears at the lower left corner, and the French lithographer's name ("Ch. Verneau") and Paris address appear along the lower-left border. With its highly stylized illustration and brilliant colors, this splendid early ad piece presents at the EX condition level, with reflattened surface kinks appearing within the upper white border area and part of the upper text, most notably within the large white letters of the main logo. The message in this ad-piece is unmistakable: anyone seeking strong, durable and long-lasting tires can rely on Michelin.