J. (Joseph) Stall

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23.5 x 34.6
$129.00 - $189.00
INV. #:
Herpin Conserves Alimentaires. This is a terrific advertisement for making some great soup, done by the incredible I Stall. A happy chef smiles with glee as he helps a lady into a pot of boiling water! But not to worry she is in fact a personification of the food used to make this delicious dinner. Her outfit is made of all sorts of vegetables, including lettuce, peas, cherry tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts. Fear not for this nutritious woman, for she gladly accepts this chef's hand with a smile, after all, he is a gentleman and has removed his hat before the lady.
Mastered directly from a 1 to 1 file of an original stone lithograph this recreation provides you with all the fine details that you will see in the antique original. Printed on acid free 230-250 gm paper with 100+ year archival ink. Optional additional sizes available as well as print on fine American art canvas. The watermark does not appear on your print.

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