Michael Mich (Liebeaux) (1881-1923)

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Bec Kina Aperitif
$129.00 - $359.00
INV. #:
Great recreation of Mich's Bec-Kina aperitif des sportifs poster. The image of 3 men playing soccer or rugby using the Bec Kina bottle in the sporting match. A fun image for a man cave, bar, or your dining room.
Mastered directly from a 1 to 1 file of an original stone lithograph this recreation provides you with all the fine details that you will see in the clean antique original. Printed on acid free 230-250 gm paper with 100+ year archival ink. Optional additional sizes available as well as print on fine American art canvas. Man made flaws (if any) are removed at the time of printing. The watermark does not appear on your print.
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